I came across this picture the other day in storage and it was taken in 2010 and all of the kids in the black and white photos are still training with me now, they have been with me from anywhere starting 7 to 11 years ago. Charlie the top middle took 10 years to get his black belt.

Now if you told me when I took this picture that these kids would have got there black belts and on top of that all stayed this long I would have said no.

In this group of kids they were not the best, fastest or most gifted they were all quite shy and reserved at the start but what i did notice is two things, one there parents were always very supportive and always gently pushing them to go forward and achieving that next goal and two when I gave them drills there was a determination in there eyes where they would never give up until it was done.

I’m sure whatever they pursue in life when they are older they will achieve greatness!

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