Well done to everyone that competed at our 2nd Annual Sunshine Coast Open! Whether its your first or tenth fight its always a massive achievement just to step on the court to compete!
And now that I have had a couple of days to recover I would like to thank everyone that helped out on the day!
The most flattering comment I think we got from the comp was how much of a close knit family our kicks group was in
running such a successful event and that meant the world to me! I have hopefully acknowledged everyone personally by now but I would like to do it again publicly.
Casey, Ben, Matt, Madison, Mel M, Mel J, Mike, Sally, Chris, Rene, Evie, Oscar, Lilly, Sam, Lochie, Jake, Paul, Vicki, Jade, Emma, Jessica, Mars, Renee, Mike, Avril, Gabriel, Isaiah, Camilla, Rene, Heather, Brandon, Connor, Srividya, Claudia, Daimo & Mark.
Big mention to Leigh and Hayley who helped in the back end big time! Doing all the things that made my head hurt.
Also mention to Carlos from Caboolture Taekwondo who gave me way more support than I deserved if it wasn’t for him I’d be crying to my mumma.
And lastly thank you to my partner Joey who did everything and more! Who’s favorite line is lets make this happen!

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