We had a great day at the State Selections!

Here is a quick run down on what happened with each of our athletes.

1. Jacob the Jackal: It has been a while since Jacob fought and it took 2 rounds to get the engine running but we got some
good points and fell short of a win for the day.

2. Melinator: Big improvement from the last time she fought. Got a silver but walked away with a smile!

3. Silent Evie: Was having a cracker of a fight in the the first 2 rounds but should have drunk a red bull for the third, lost narrowly.

4. Zarli The Destroyer: Due to her being under the influence of red frogs, she won both her fights convincingly.

5. Matt The Priest: Returning to fight the same person he fought at the GC Open with a loss, he walked away with sweet revenge taking Gold!

Ben The Smiling Assassin: Was forced to work on his weaknesses this fight but snuck in a win.

Captain Codi: Got his feet wet again and had some fun with a win.

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