Well what a ride we have gone through the last couple of weeks and finally we see some light at the end of the Tunnel. As you might be aware yesterday the government brought forward and announced Stage 2 restrictions are now in play from June the 1st until the 10th of July.

So as of Wednesday June the 3rd we will commence all classes as normal except the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which will commence when stage 3 has started from Friday July the 10th.  

This means for the 1st 6 weeks we can have up to 20 people gathering at the one time which is great! How this will affect us is not much the only day that it would normally is on a Tuesday when Brazilian jiu-jitsu is running at the same time as Taekwondo, but because it wont be running till July 10th we will be fine.

We will do our best to keep social distancing in place and also increase our hygiene of all equipment and training areas. The only thing we ask is that for the next 6 weeks of Stage 2 for parents, it is preferred if you can drop your kids off and pick them up or wait outside just so we keep our numbers to a minimum inside the gym, it would be greatly appreciated!

Can’t wait to see everyone back on the mats soon!

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